Tumbarumba & Surrounds

Tumbarumba Region is tucked into the western foothills of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, and boasts mountains, rivers and lakes, parks, forests and farms, and clean fresh air. The region is surrounded by Mount Kosciuszko in the south, and the Murray River on the western border. The area is ideal for recreational activity such as bush walking, horse riding, fishing and cycling.

The History

The history of gold mining, timber and cattle, and the cleverly engineered Snowy Mountains Scheme has created an intriguing heritage. The history of high-country stockmen can be enjoyed still at Boggy Creek Show.

The snowfields of Selwyn and Thredbo can be accessed from Tumbarumba and Khancoban during the skiing and snow-boarding season, while Kosciuszko National Park offers stunning mountain scenery and a variety of walking tracks. The northern end of Kosciuszko National Park is accessed via the Elliot Way,  while the Alpine Way at Khancoban is the gateway to the southern alpine area. During summer, the Khancoban to Cabramurra Road is a popular scenic route, especially with motorcyclists, but this road is closed during the winter months. Snow does fall occasionally in the town of Tumbarumba and surrounds during winter.

A variety of accommodation is available, in the major towns of Tumbarumba and Khancoban, some in rural and bush settings. The region includes the small villages of JingellicRosewoodTooma, and Laurel Hill, and is the gateway to some of Australia’s most spectacular alpine landscapes. Tumbarumba Region is perfect for people who live an active outdoor lifestyle and enjoy activities such as bush walking, horse riding, skiing, fishing and cycling.

The region has four distinct seasons marked by brilliant summer sunshine; a spectacular display of autumn leaves; winter views of snow capped mountains; and sparkling spring days.

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