Snowy Valleys Always In Season

Snowy Valleys Always In Season



The Snowy Valleys are a region full of contrasts. They encompass Australia’s highest mountain ranges in the east and stretch towards the fertile Plains of Riverina to the west.

Always In Season – Winter

Snow can be seen in some places during winter. It makes the landscape look magical and encourages peopleSnowy Valleys Always In Season Trees to curl up next to the fire. If you’re lucky and have the right timing, you might be able to swim Yarrangobilly Thermal Pools in snow. Snowshoes are the best way to explore the backcountry. Be sure your pack is well prepared in case of bad weather. In winter, you may see Batlow’s apples covered in snow or the Pilot Hill Arboretum engulfed in white.

The Snowy Valleys will launch its new Winter Bites Festival in 2021. There will be major events in Tumbarumba (5th Jun), Adelong (17th Jul) and Batlow (2nd Aug), as well fringe events throughout the region. We’re excited to see what the winter brings.

Always In Season – Spring

Plants that have waited all winter long finally bloom in spring. From the tulips that are just starting to bloom in the streets to the green pastures with spring lambs, there is a riotous display of colour.

The Tumbarumba Wine Region is in full bloom, and vignerons are working hard to produce another award-winning batch of these cold-climate wine. Enjoy the outdoors by exploring our National Parks, State Forests and their great trails. The Tumbarumba Flower Festival, Batlow Apple Blossom Festival and Upper Murray Challenge are just a few of the many events that celebrate the new season. Fruit trees with their beautiful blossoms are a joy to see.

The waterways in the Snowy Valleys are becoming more popular as the weather warms. Our rivers, creeks, and dams provide a variety of activities. Whether it is for boating or skiing, paddling, fishing, or swimming, our crystal-clear waters are envied by many.

Always In Season – Summer

During Christmas, the Blowering Dam shores are filled with campers and the Kosciuszko National Park’s otherwise remote spots become mini-villages crowded with tourists. The Tumut Cycle Classic in January brings together riders from NSW, ACT and Victoria to experience the stunning views of Tumut, while also raising money for local hospitals.Snowy Valleys Always In Season

Tumbafest is held in the quiet park behind the main street of Tumbarumba at the end summer. Under shady tree canopy, market stalls offer fresh local produce and wines, ciders, and craft beer. Some people enjoy sitting by the creek, while others dance to the music and bands on the main stage.

Always In Season – Autumn

Autumn is here and the region turns from green to gold, then red, as the leaves change color. As the weather cools, there are many festivals to attend, including Rock the Turf and Festival of the Falling Leaf. Tumut MTB also hosts the 3 Hour Enduro and the Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge. This event sees cyclists riding 144km via Batlow, from Adelong, all the way to Tumbarumba, and back. In May, the Batlow CiderFest takes place. The main street is closed as visitors taste cider and craft beer made by local and national makers.


We’re confident that we’ll be seeing you soon. Snowy Valleys is always in season.


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