What Are The Closest Airports to Snowy Valleys?

The Snowy Valleys is the perfect blend of the beautiful outdoors and the opportunity to enjoy fantastic alpine adventures. Whether you are fishing in the idyllic lakes and streams found here, horseback riding along trails in the forest, mountain biking across different terrains, or hiking to the top of the peaks, there is so much to see and do here. This region is known for its beautiful waterfalls and limestone cliffs — as well as its delectable food and wine — making it the perfect getaway for friends and families. Keep reading to learn how you can get to this region of New South Wales and what to explore during a trip here. 

What Are The Closest Airports to Snowy Valleys
What Are The Closest Airports to Snowy Valleys

Travelling to the Snowy Valleys

The Snowy Valleys region stretches from the Riverina, located in the Southern Region of New South Wales, all the way to the western part of the Snowy Mountains. It encompasses a number of surrounding regions, including the Murray River in the South and Gundagio, located in the north. The closest airport to the Snowy Valleys is the Wagga Wagga Airport — just an 80-minute car journey from this part of New South Wales.

Other popular airports that you can fly into if you are travelling to the Snowy Valleys include Sydney and Canberra. It takes around 5 hours to drive from Sydney to the Snowy Valleys, and 3 hours from Canberra. Keep in mind, however, that commercial flight availability can vary; you may need to travel long distances to an airport further away. If you want to guarantee a flight time that works for you, chartering a private plane may be worth considering. This will allow you to fly directly into Wagga Wagga Airport precisely when you want to arrive while enjoying the luxury and comfort of flying on a private jet. 

Outdoor Activities in the Snow Valleys

There are plenty of thrilling outdoor activities you can enjoy while visiting the Snowy Valleys. One of the most popular things to do here is a Gorge walk that spans 5 kilometres in Kosciuszko National Park, located close to Tumut. During this activity, you can view the amazing cave formations and limestone cliffs before reaching the Cave Creek Falls. You can also try fishing in the pools found along Cave Creek and head over to Blue Waterholes to set your tent up for the night at the campsite.

If you fancy something a little less intense, you can head to Paddy’s River Falls, near Tumbarumba, for a refreshing swim. If you plan to travel to the Snow Valleys when it is a little colder, consider visiting the Yarrangobilly Caves, where you can enjoy a natural thermal pool with a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. 

For keen mountain bikers, there is plenty of opportunity in Kosciuszko National Park, Tumut, and Tumbarumba to enjoy fantastic biking trails for varying skill levels. For a more laidback outdoor activity, walk along the Tumut River — an excellent locale for birdwatching. 

Food and Drink

The cuisine and drinks available in this region are also something that cannot be missed during a trip to the Snowy Valleys. For instance, Tumbarumba is a town well-known for producing some of New South Wales’s best wine. Here, you can try sparkling wines, pinot noir, and chardonnay — all made in the Snowy Valleys. 

You can also venture along the beverage trail, which takes you from Tumit, Riverina, all the way to the Snowy Valleys. It begins with a delicious lunch at Tumut River Brewing, which offers a whopping 24 ciders to try, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a brewery tour and some live music.

If you want a fun day out for the whole family, you can check out Courabyra Wines to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and a fantastic meal. For an experience you will remember for a lifetime, book a Helicopter ride with Truenorth to enjoy the surrounding area from a unique perspective. This part of New South Wales is also famous for apple orchards, producing some of Australia’s most loved locally-brewed ciders.

Wilgro Orchard, located in Batlow, is another fantastic place to stop for the day. You can pick your own fruit and learn about the cider-making process — and, of course, try some of the cider yourself. 


Explore the Snowy Valleys

There is so much to see and do in the Snow Valleys, making it a perfect place for a getaway full of adventure and fun with friends and families. Regardless of the time of the year you travel here, you will be able to enjoy a range of thrilling activities as well as amazing food and drink that will make you want to book your trip back a lot sooner than you think. 

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