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Things to Do in the Snowy Valleys for College Students

The Snowy Valleys are sure to offer you an unforgettable holiday, be it a time filled with adrenaline-rushed excitement or peaceful solitude. During the spring and autumn, you can bask in its glory without the tourists. In this magical place, something always goes on.

Visit a Ski Resort 

Experience a fun day at a ski resort with friends and family. Winter getaway in Snowy Valley is never complete without visiting the ski resort. Winter activities such as skiing, playing with snow, and snowboarding are extremely enjoyable. That is why visiting the resort should be on top of the agenda in Snowy Valley for college students.

The picturesque ski resorts have something even for absolute beginners because they cater to all skill levels. For intermediate skiers and experienced skiers, the resort offers runs down the slopes through various terrains. They have several challenging peaks and sizeable hectares of skiing areas.

Visit a Thermal Spring 

Rejuvenate your soul and body at a thermal spring in Snowy Valley. After the hectic marathon run of completing homework projects, assignment writers in Australia get a good warm soak at the thermal pool. It can relieve all the tension of your back and shoulders after that long journey of your academic life.

The thermal spring is fed by natural springs that maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. It is magical to soak yourself in the thermal spring during winter in the Snowy Valley with the rising steam from the surface of the water. The blanket of snow envelopes you despite the steamy water.

Have a Hearty Meal 

Spend time together and have a heart meal with your family, making the most of your visit to Snowy Valley. Enjoy the beautiful view as you dine with your family. Savour the mouth-watering roast with a mug of hot chocolate. Cherish the moments of the dining experience by taking in the panoramic view.

Some of the restaurants in Snowy Valley are situated at the top and would require you to take a ride up there. It is the best part of the dining experience. But you can also go for the restaurants that are situated on the ground if you want a serene experience. They boast stunning lake views with menu items that are locally sourced.

Healing Touch From Nature 

Receive a touch of nature on a stroll around the area. Sit back and let Mother nature work on you, especially in the mountains. There are tons of enchanting nature spots around the mountains for you to explore. And there is a piece of nature for every student in Snowy Valley. You can go for either of the following activities.

  1. Go up the mountain for an early morning hike to catch the fresh rays of the sun
  2. Go for a stroll in the evening along the lakes to catch the last sun rays of the day

Visit Vineyards and Distilleries 

Take this chance out of your hectic student life to explore some of the best local spirits and wines that Snowy Valley offers. For those college students who like gin, schnapps, or vodka with a fruity note, you can go to Wildbrumby. Taste the spirits that are made with fruits that are locally sourced from the distillery.

For those students who love wine and beer, go to the Vineyard and Microbrewery, a place where you can enjoy both. It is a regional establishment in bottling and brewing, specialising in wines and craft beer styles with unique flavours. Make the most of your visit to Snowy Valley as well as your time off.

Other things worth experiencing in Snowy Valley 

  1. Horse riding: Guided horseback trips are ingrained in the culture of Snowy Valley. Get saddled to explore the woodlands and mountain streams.
  2. Bushwalking: The walking season starts from mid-October through to the winter skiing period. Snowy Valley offers various treks for all levels.
  3. Fishing spots: Discover the best trout fishing spots that are hidden in the rivers and lakes of Snowy Valley. Numerous locations offer fishing instructions.
  4. Mountain biking: The top-notch mountain biking across the areas in Snowy Valley is world-class, ranging from downhill courses to bike paths.
  5. Snow camping: The best part of Snowy Valley is that you can camp here and enjoy the scenery night and day.

When to visit 

June to October is best for visiting the mountains as the mountain lifts are very active. July and August is the best time for snow sports such as snowboarding and skiing. December to March is good for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding.


No matter what time of the year, Snowy Valley, with its breathtaking views, enchanting mountains, rolling hills, and glacial lake, has a little bit for every student. Time some time off your hurried student lifestyle and enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

Things to Do in the Snowy Valleys for College Students

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